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Higher Grounds cold brew coffee cans
Higher Grounds logo design

Higher Grounds is a concept design for a cold brew coffee company, which aspires to meld luxury design and flavor. My intention for this project is to explore the sleek geometric and stylized forms of Art Deco, while integrating modern design choices. An idea I carried through this project is crafting a tactile design and accenting the gold detailing Art Deco is known for.

Mood Board

During the initial planning for the project, I began to search for elements that showed luxury, elegance, sophistication, and texture. My goal was to utilize tactile elements and gold accents to create a brand that embodied history and fine craftsmanship.

Higher Grounds brand mood board
Higher Grounds logo sketches


In this stage, I decided on the name Higher Grounds which led me to exploring mountain type imagery, sleek geometric, and stylized forms. This gave way to the elegant and modern look of my final design.

Final Look



I delved into the creation of a luxury cold brew coffee brand that transported consumers to the timeless allure of the golden twenties. The heart of the project is applying the elegant lines and opulence of art deco to modern design. Each can was designed to be a statement on their own which allowed their dramatic appearance to act as a conversation starter. Brought together, they are a distinct assembly of historic fine craftsmanship and modern design.

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