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Root and Rhizome packaging design
Root and Rhizome logo design

Root & Rhizome is a concept design for an online plant store that sells a wide variety of tropical houseplants. The goal of the business is to be recognizable at a glance and unique in its presentation. Root & Rhizome is an online retailer and grower, and the branding is meant to be as eye catching as the plants they sell. To accomplish this, their business needed cohesive branding across all of the their shipping, growing, and advertising materials.

Mood Board

For this project I researched the branding of other online plant retailers. My final design was influenced by my intention to create a unique and recognizable brand. The abundance of green color palettes amongst competitors lead me to choose the floral color set.

Root & Rhizome brand mood board
Root and Rhizome logo sketches


In this stage I wanted to experiment with the idea of leaves and playful typography. The main idea for the logo is to be versatile in design and layout and also to be utilized in different forms and sizes. 

Final Logo

Root and Rhizome final logo design



This design allowed me to blend my passion for design with my love for greenery. Imagining a company that celebrates the beauty and serenity of indoor plants, I created an identity that would resonate with plant enthusiasts. The branding is a fusion of smooth shapes, playful typography, and soft florals. 

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