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Reconnect conference banners advertising guest speakers
Reconnect final logo design

Reconnect is creative design conference with the purpose of fostering connection and innovation in a post-pandemic world. My goal for the project is to create a design that conveys a deeper meaning connected to an individual's experience in reconnecting with like-minded people. The project embodies a narrative that invites participants to not only attend a conference but to embark on a transformative journey of reconnection and inspiration.

Mood Board

The theme of the conference is reconnection. This lead me to gather imagery representative of connection through color, form and physical touch. 

Reconnect brand mood board
Reconnect logo sketches


In this phase, I explored how to bring the theme of the conference into the typography of the design. To accomplish this, I played with the ways to disconnect the type in order to then convey reconnection.

Final Logo

Reconnect final logo design



My project is an exploration of visual storytelling that translates the conference's purpose of fostering connection and creativity. I attempted to capture the spirit of collaboration and innovation that defined the event. The color palette is meant to invoke a sense of energy and diversity, mirroring the multifaceted nature of the creative landscape.

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