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Spokane logo design

Spokane, Washington

Spokane is known for its vibrant outdoor scenery and rich history. As the cultural hub of the Inland Northwest, Spokane boasts an array of theaters, galleries, and a lively downtown area that blends historic charm with modern amenities. With a backdrop of the Rocky Mountain foothills and an abundance of green spaces, Spokane offers a unique blend of urban living and wilderness adventure. This project was an ode to the city of my birth and all it has to offer.

Mood Board

My goal was to gather visual and design references that properly represents the beauty and innovative nature of Spokane. The idea of nature and adventure was prevalent while compiling images for my mood board. 

Spokane city brand mood board
Spokane logo sketches


Spokane is a city full of public artistry and scenic nature. My goal was to reflect the culture, creativity, and opportunity for exploration around the city. The final logo uses a strong font and clean lines with color to create dimension.

Final Logo

Spokane final logo design



In order to reimagine the city branding for Spokane, Washington, I drew upon my personal experience living in the city to help guide my decision making. My goal was to capture the city's essence through crafting a logo that represents it's natural wonders and creative community. This serves as a visual ode to Spokane's rich history, dynamic spirit, and adventurous atmosphere.

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