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Red Barn printed advertisement design
Red Barn logo design

This is a rebranding of a garden center located in Leander, Texas. This company is a family owned business that has been serving their community for years. I chose to bring new life to their branding and identity in order to boost the company’s recognition within their local community. The business is built on kindness and curating a welcoming atmosphere for anyone to come and enjoy all things growing. 

Mood Board

While planning for this project, I set out to find elements that provided a community-oriented and friendly tone. This was achieved by using warm colors, a quirky style and rustic imagery.

Red Barn brand mood board
Red Barn logo sketches


The name of the company lead to a  exploration and experimentation of the barn iconography with a rustic font. My final design is meant to encapsulate the long history of the Red Barn brand.

Final Logo

Red Barn final logo design



This project was an exploration of design as a means of embodying the heart and soul of a local gem. The goal of this endeavor was to forge a new chapter for Red Barn Garden Center that celebrates its legacy while inviting patrons old and new to experience its unique charm.

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