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Air plant infographic staged with plants and stand

Air Plants


I set out to create a printable infographic and signage for retailers who carry Air Plants (aka Tillandsia) in their stores. The idea was to put together the most necessary information pertaining to the care of Air Plants and identifying the most common varieties. For this project I utilized my own collection of Air Plant for the imagery of the infographic.

Mood Board

While gathering references for this project I was looking for a balance of information and imagery. Due to the complex nature of plant infographics, I attempted to find ways to make a minimal yet eye-catching design. 

Air plant infographic mood board
Air plant infographic sketches


While in this stage, I began to design different layouts to help determine the placement of the photographs. I was also planning and compiling the best information to include as to not overwhelm the reader. 

Final Look


I took on the challenge of distilling the complex world of Air Plants into a captivating infographic. Merging aesthetics and education, I crafted a visual guide that served as a quick and accessible resource for Air Plant enthusiasts. Every element, from the playful typography to the vibrant photography, was carefully chosen to convey essential care information while reflecting the whimsical nature of these unique plants.

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